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From planning and budgeting to marketing and branding, our comprehensive event management services for the corporate entities will delight you to the core.

Corporate Event Management Company in Bangalore that transforms ordinary into incredible

We know how to create great events to the standards that your organization is expected to host. These events may be local seminars and conferences to routine parties; business partners meet, networking events, product launch, annual events, or anything similar. Our team ensures that your company’s branding gets reflected on the occasion. It makes us the preferred corporate event management company in Bangalore. Helping you attain your marketing objectives, we bring professionalism to the event. Our creative approach is backed by extensive event planning skills and eyeballs to pay attention to every detail; it will make your event an extension of your brand. As one of the leading event management companies in Bangalore, we have the urge to excel.

Planning an event to motivate your workforce? A town hall meeting? Or a weekend getaway for your team. Talk to the ELAN Corporate Team and simply get the best of all.

ELAN Corporate will be your event planner for the following:

  • Corporate events and Promotions
  • Road Shows
  • Van Promotions
  • Organizing Fun Games
  • Cultural Events and Theme based Entertainment
  • Product Launches
  • Carnivals
  • Workshops
  • Showroom Launches
  • Trade Shows and Exhibitions.
  • Dealer meets.
  • Training or Classes in Yoga, Lifestyle, Mindset, stress buster or even Well Being.
  • Workshop on “How to improve quality of Life” (Lifestyle, Mindset and Well Being)
  • Workshop on Meditation & Yoga.

Planning to host an event that meets your business goals? Contact us and find how we will exceed your expectations.

The Six-Step Process of Event Organizers in Bangalore

Step 1:
Establish Goals and Timelines

Planning an event of any scale is a challenging task. While moving forward, we prioritize our goals and set deadlines. It will make things easier for you and ensures the success of your event. Each event is unique, and no set formula will work; however, our expertise sees us through.

Step 2:
Finalize the budget

In this step, we figure out the budget, keeping in mind your requirements for the event. Logistics, amenities and experience necessities are taken into account here. The budget is held strictly in line with the client’s directions. The objective as the top-class corporate event management company in Bangalore here is to deliver maximum value for the money spent by the customer.

Step 3:
Venue Finalization

A lot depends on the size of the guest list and other logistical aspects. Before finalizing the venue for the event, the leading event management companies in Bangalore shortlist a few venue options and discuss the same with the client. The security feature and other amenities' availability dare also taken into consideration.

Step 4:
Finding partners and vendors

Although our partners and vendors are trusted members of our extended team, we ensure only the best fit is preferred for the job. It is our business philosophy to nurture relationships, and the same applies here as well. At times multiple vendors are chosen for the same task to ensure smooth execution during the event.

Step 5:
Creating a surprise element for the event

A corporate event management company in Bangalore knows what customer delight is all about. We at Elan Events endeavor to deliver more than the client’s expectations every time we undertake to execute a function. This surprise element depends on the theme and the purpose of the occasion. However, it will always remain a joyful experience for the host as well as the guests.

Step 6:
Building new relationships with attendees

It is what makes us unique and makes us one of the best event management companies in Bangalore. It starts with seeking the direct and indirect feedback of the guests. Not only it helps us to improve but also helps us in building valuable new relationships.

Corporate Event Management Company in Bangalore to provide unmatched experience

We are not merely event organizers that have a network of vendors. We are professional event management experts that create creative and thoughtful events for you. Our event architects transform events into a stress-free and fun experience for you and the guests.

We create events that are memorable and help create a buzz around your business while keeping a sharp eye on the budget. Deviating from the conventional concepts, we design events that emerge successfully from all aspects. Our wealth of ideas and experience create events that are an extension of your reputation and success. Rely on us to host bespoke events.

Want to host Spectacular events that are in sync with your brand and business? We do it for you.

A Corporate Event Management Company in Bangalore to Designs Spectacular Events for You

We are multifaceted but singly focused corporate event organizers that bring immense knowledge and experience to the table. Delivering success with every event that we undertake, we enable organizers to foster strong relationships with their audiences and employees. We craft events that are tailor-made to your needs, and our quality emerges from the passion we have for event management. Beginning with the conceptualization of the event to the successful completion, we create a unique, entertaining, motivating, and unforgettable experience for you and your attendees. Our corporate event management company in Bangalore has a team of strategists, designers, creative thinkers, production, and logistical specialists who provide an unparalleled event experience.

Powering All Your Events with our Expertise

Our Services

Event Management Company in Bangalore that Delivers Delights through Services


Elan Event Management

Take a break from the ordinary, and leave all your worries with us. For us, every event is unique, and no event is too small or big. Be it an exclusive event for 20 pax or a mega event catering to 2000, and we deliver the same quality throughout.


Elan Wedding Planning

Our offerings have a range of options that allows you to host a perfect wedding. A highly stylized wedding requires detailed planning, and we are the best at it. With our skills as reputed event organizers in Bangalore, we maximize the impact on your guests while minimizing the stress of you.


Elan Spiritual Event Management

We all appreciate the piousness of the occasion and offer you a wide range of services. Be it a private pooja ceremony for the family or a large scale religious event, and we plan the details for you as per the tradition.


Elan Special Family Occasions

We turn your marriage anniversaries, birthday parties, or other joyous occasions into moments that strengthen the family ties and relationships. Our tailor-made event planning will turn it into a remarkable opportunity for the whole family.


Elan Themes and Shows

Theme based events and shows are challenging, and our Corporate Event Management Company in Bangalore accomplishes it with perfection. With a creative and professional team, our theme-based parties resound with your audience.


Elan Catering

Our catering service goes beyond an array of dishes for your guests. We offer a culinary experience that is hard to forget. We have customized catering services, and no event is big or small enough for our team.

We bring an intangible soul to your events with grace and elegance. Click Here and Discover how we can make your event genuinely awe-inspiring.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

All You Should Know

A corporate event management company in Bangalore offers you a platform that is dedicated to ensuring that you meet your marketing and branding objectives successfully. Our innovative strategies provide you the right amount of visibility.

We will ensure a smooth resolution to ensure both the parties incur minimal or no losses. We keep you updated and maintain maximum transparency. Refer to ‘terms and conditions’ for further details.

We are a corporate event management company in Bangalore; however, depending on the client’s requirements, we offer our services all across India and abroad. We are capable, and our customer testimonials speak for it.

The primary deciding factor is the size and capacity of the venue and the facilities available. Parking, budget constraints, and technical requirements are few of these. Our team personally visits the facility to conduct a thorough quality check.

As a premier corporate event management company in Bangalore, we remain prepared for any last-minute changes or other eventualities. Our planning always maintains the scope for such scenarios, and it never affects the outcome of the event.